Michael Marschner - Cashmere Shaivism, Cosmic Dance Of Shiva, Tantra Yogo, Tandava

Don‘t miss a single breath.
Accept reality as it is.
Share your love.

My work is an invitation to realize these three simple possibilities. I am wishing for everyone to live a conscious, fulfilling and nourishing life as a base for yoga to happen and freedom to appear (yoga is Sanskrit and means „union“). There are no rules to be accepted or beliefs to be followed.

Truth is found in everyone’s heart.

- - -

Why these three possibilities?

Don‘t miss a single breath:
Stay connected to the body in the present moment.

Accept reality as it is:
Give up all resistance against who you really are.

Share your love:
Live life from your heart. Joyful, creative and spontaneously.

- - -

Life is because of breath. Breath and body are always happening now and a simple doorway to becoming fully present. We will practice to develop conscious breathing, harmonious movement and create a new, subtle and effortless perception of life.

Thus prepared we can enter reality without fear, without belief systems, without fantasies. Psychological and emotional stability arise, as we accept our true self. Giving up resistance opens a direct contact to our innermost realms. Step by step we establish ourselves in the heart.

Once we discover our heart, freedom, joy and bliss arise. Life becomes a magical journey full of adventures, vibration and true fulfilling happiness for us and those around us.